Textbook is a design studio based in Manchester / Salford. Our work focuses on printed materials, especially editorial and publication design, for arts and culture sector clients. Physically making things is really important to us, so our studio often functions as a workshop and printroom.

The studio structure is deliberately kept small, allowing us to work closely with clients whilst maintaining a diverse and flexible network of collaborators who work with us whenever a project requires it.

Whilst design is the primary focus of our studio, we also dedicate time to teaching. We lecture, run workshops and give talks at universities and colleges across the UK. For a list of our experience click here.

When we aren’t designing or teaching, we work on various studio projects. Self-initiated and often collaborative, these projects have no external client, allowing us to play, test ideas, experiment and learn, which is key to our creative practice.

If you have a project you want to discuss, get in touch with us by email. We are always happy to talk over a coffee or beer — if you want to meet up then you know what to do.

We aren’t able to take on interns at the moment – there are loads and loads and loads of articles on this topic – but we are more than happy to give portfolio feedback in person. To arrange a visit to the studio, email us here with examples of your work (under 5mb!).

In 2013 we co-founded the Risograph print collective Mono to allow us to experiment with the process, collaborate with others and print limited editions of artist books / zines / prints.