Studio Project
Perfect Bound publication
4 colour Risograph print
Limited edition of 100
4 colour hand-pulled screenprints
Limited edition of 10
RGB Split Projection

‘Sorry Everything is Closed’ is the first in a (Arcane) series of collaborative projects developed by Textbook Studio and Minor Works Depot.

The idea for this work originates from passages that appear in Raoul Vaneigem’s seminal work 
‘The Revolution Of Everyday Life’, written in 1968. Put simply ‘Sorry Everything is Closed’ discusses alienation in the modern world – The consumption of goods carries within itself the seeds of it’s own destruction, the consumer cannot and must not ever attain satisfaction.

The project consists of a publication featuring images of shutters, risograph printed in full colour via 4 colour CYMK separations. A launch exhibition was held at Islington Mill, Salford, featuring images from the book, including hand-pulled 4 colour separations screenprints and a split RGB projection using 3 projectors.