Studio Project
All artwork entirely risographed
GFSmith Colorplan paper
Wallpaper paste
Shirts, ties and lies

The Common World was an ever-changing exhibition between September-February 2014 at A Place Called Common (Manchester). Textbook and 6 other artists created the concept of The Common World in order to playfully discuss 8 of the biggest crises facing the world at present  — education, energy, environment, economy, food, social problems, political and alternatives. Each artist became a minister of The Common World representing one of these crises.

The Common World had its own currency to invest in (The Common Dollar), its own stock market (with fluctuating rates) and even its own official website. When the Common World fell on hard times, we invented a government endorsed beer – The Solution. The show ended in February 2014 with an apocalyptic ‘End of the World’ party.

To explain the reason for all of the above to our unwitting visitors, we created a publication containing a selection of short essays by Richard Hawkins of PIRC.

Commissioned by A Place Called Common.
Paper generously donated by GFSmith.
Show photography by Sebastian Matthes.